COVID-19 Resources

Beloved LEP Community,

This is our time. As Covid-19 continues to threaten the health of our communities and the systems that we have been working (our uphill battle) to transform; we are seeing them start to crumble before our eyes. We have a HUGE opportunity. Today, solutions we shared with each other, but were too afraid to share with policy makers, are becoming state and federal policy. Suspending rent and mortgages, giving families money with no strings attached, doubling sick leave for folks. and the many more policy ideas that are sure to come.

This is why this is our time! We have been working with communities most impacted by capitalism and oppression, we know what communities need and we can mobilize our people to demand long term solutions that will transform our cities by centering the health and well-being of the most vulnerable. Remember how we fought for undocumented folks to get healthcare? Our arguments that the insured would not be well if folks in our community were not able to access healthcare. This health crisis has proven us right.

Resources for Staying Centered:

Resources for our Communities: