Latinx Racial Equity Project training gave me the platform to discuss the racism I experienced from other Latinx in hopes of creating awareness and educating my fellow Latinx. Also, I learned I have a lot to learn about my own Afro-Latinx culture.

LaShe Rodriguez

The Latinx Racial Equity Project provided an atmosphere of learning and sharing that was extremely conducive to deep progressive thinking and communication. I feel very fortunate to have experienced a circle of exchange that allowed all of us as participants to grow and be exposed to vital information as we develop into Latino leaders and advocates.

Josefina Canchola

I appreciated having the space to talk about race within the Latino Community because many times it’s not talked about. I feel more empowered to have conversations with others about race, specifically how we empower each other to change the system to allow for leadership and opportunity in our communities.

Janeth Rodriguez

This training is timely as we look deep into the struggles of empowering our communities to bring about necessary change. It begins with each among us becoming stronger leaders.

Miguel Cordova

The Latinx Racial Equity Project’s facilitation of our collective thoughts really brought to life our ideas and strategies to make an impact as we continue to talk about decolonizing and relearning. I thought the training had a wonderful balance of discussion, explanation of terms, theories and models. You provided a safe, meaningful and inspiring space for us to learn and think about this work through a new and valuable lens.

Andrea Pomicpic

The Latinx Racial Equity Project created a unique opportunity to meet other Latinx people working in government that faced similar challenges and dialogue in a safe space. I left inspired after meeting passionate, hardworking people who were all willing to learn how to be better allies in our comunidad. Thank you so much!

Julissa De Gonzalez

After attending, Decolonizing our Future; I took responsibility for past behavior that might of hurt others, and went into action and contacted two women I had not spoken to in several years. It felt valuable, and I also knew that my healing had just begun.

Sonya Rosario

It is of utmost important for our communities to continually grow and engage in equity and social justice work from our diverse viewpoints. The Latinx Racial Equity Project’s convening gave us a chance to continue that plática from culturally-relevant perspectives. Such a space is critical for Latinx individuals and communities who are working towards a more just society and world

Gustavo Guerra Vasquez

I appreciate very much the opportunity to sit and reflect on my status as a Chicana, not only from a societal perspective, but also as a professional in my field. This conversation is not easy, but the Latinx Racial Equity Project’s staff facilitated the conversation in a manner that was beneficial to me.

Vanessa Alvarado

I really appreciated the opportunity to explore racism, ethnicity, immigration status, colonialism and imperialism in the Latinix context. Race has shaped our history, how we live, our access to services, our health and self-image. Having a space to explore its impacts and discuss how to address it as part of a community was a beautiful gift! I highly recommend this training to anyone who is interested in advancing racial equity in the Latinix space.

Jacque Larrainzar

This training was amazing! I would advise anyone who is working in government, non-profit, or higher education to attend this training. The cultural topics discussed are so important to discuss with other Latinxs in similar professions. It was a great experience to find out that many Latinxs are dealing with the same issues at their place of work. I enjoyed the intimacy of the training and how the facilitators really values the input of all of us. I would love to bring this training to my city and workplace! Thank you again for everything! Such a great experience and opportunity.

Lissett De La Cruz

The Latinx Racial Equity training was phenomenal. The facilitators created a healthy environment for attendees to share and learn from one another. I appreciated the multigenerational and diverse group of participants. It was a humbling experience to learn first hand from other people’s journeys.

Manuel Lopez