Racial Equity Core Training Series
Understand how oppression dynamics play out within the Latino community and across other groups.
Learn about structural isms and other barriers to create change.
Understand intersectionality, its impact and learn strategies to address it at a personal, organizational, community and movement level.

Develop strategies to build equity-driven leadership inside and outside organizations.


Develop real-time solutions for challenges leaders face in addressing equity issues.

See information below for details on upcoming and past Latinx Racial Equity Project trainings. Don’t see a training near you? Contact us to connect about setting one up! And please sign up for updates for ongoing information on our work.

Past July Workshops/Events

LEP Webinar Challenging Anti-Blackness

Challenging Anti-Blackness: workshops for non-Black Latinx Folks

Thursday July 9th (English) and July 16th (Spanish), each 1-3pm ONLINE

Our purpose is to increase the capacity of Latinx leaders to lead from a racial equity framework. In this workshop for non-Black Latinx folks we will focus on understanding current and historic manifestations of anti-Blackness within and outside of our communities.

LEP Webinar Black Brilliance

LEP presents the Black Brilliance Series: Webinar 1: Racial Representations in the Media and Film Screening of Bakosó: AfroBeats of Cuba

Friday July 10th and Friday July 17th

The purpose of this webinar is to call out the ways in which the media is a tool that perpetuates racial oppression by using a white lens with which to view and analyze everything, which villainizes us (Black people) and belittles our worth, contributions, and validity. Thus furthering attempts to divide Black people and our oppression with other oppressed people. We will analyze myths, triggers, and responses specifically related to recent events (Ahmad Arbury, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, the Amy Cooper situation, Covid-19 deaths, policing during Covid, New York lower east side vs. Brownsville, etc.) and identify the specific ways we want/need for the larger LEP and latinx people world wide to show up.

LEP Screening Bakoso Afrobeats

FREE SCREENING: Bakosó: AfroBeats of Cuba

Friday July 10th and Friday July 17th, 7pm ONLINE

Bakosó reveals the influence of contemporary African music in Cuba as not just a thing of the past, but a phenomenon happening now! This documentary produced and directed by Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi, explores the technology, culture and landscape that forms the AfroBeats / Cuban fusion genre “bakosó”.

Brown Folx 4 Black Lives Statement

We are working with a collaboration of organizations in the SF Bay Area, Brown Folx for Black Lives, to create new narratives about who we are as a community and to mobilize our communities in support of our Black siblings. Our first event last week was a vigil. 

Take action 

Part of the work has been to make a statement as a group and to collect signatures in support of this statement

Add your name and affiliation to this growing momentum! Click here to add your name to this growing list that will be shared via social media and other outlets.



Vigil for Black Lives | Tuesday June 9, 3-5PM Downtown Oakland

Flyer for Vigil for Black Lives

We invite you to join Brown Folx 4 Black Lives and co-host The Greenlining Institute for a vigil to honor the life of George Floyd, as he is being laid to rest in Houston, as well as many other lives lost due to law enforcement.

As you know, Latinx folx are beautifully diverse and as predicted by white privilege, many of us have internalized anti-blackness. Our vigil is a call-in to our brown-indigenous and mixed race folx to step up and challenge anti-blackness and most importantly to show our love and support to BLACK FOLKS right now! We are following black leadership. We invite everyone attending to wear white as a symbol of spirituality, protection, and illumination.

Brown Folx 4 Black Lives los invitamos a unirse con nosotros en una vigilia para honrar la vida de George Floyd, mientras está siendo enterrado en Houston, también como muchas otras vidas perdidas a manos de las fuerzas del orden público. La vigilia es el Martes 9 de Junio a las 3 pm. Invitamos a todos que se reúnen a vestir de blanco como símbolo de espiritualidad, protección, e iluminación.


As part of a collaborative effort with Brown Folx for Black Lives, we are glad to co-host a vigil for Black Lives. We invite those who wish to participate to join us. Everyone is welcome to honor a loved one lost to police violence with a memorial poster, flower, memento, or photo to place on the community altar.


For event updates, please RSVP via the Facebook event
Raw Link:


We’re taking the safety of our community very seriously especially in light of recent events. We will be taking every precaution to have face masks on hand, the ability to sanitize our hands, drinking water and physical distancing when we can. There will be more than a dozen safety volunteers who are helping us honor Black Lives.


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Our founder Ana Perez wants to share this poem with you. We hope you find some inspiration and remember the lessons you have learned with the Latino Equity Project.


A love letter to my Black siblings

from an (decolonizing) indigenous Latinx


Una carta de amor a mis hermanxs negrxs

de una indígena latinx (descolonizándose)


It is not enough for me to tell you how brokenhearted I am

It is not enough for me to know that your liberation is also my liberation

To build justice, I must work to end anti-black racism 

by transforming the systems, values and behaviors that perpetuate violence against black folk 


No basta que te diga cómo sufre mi corazón

No basta que yo sepa que tu liberación es también mi liberación

Para construir la justicia, mi deber es ponerse fin al racismo anti-negro

al transformar los sistemas, valores y conductas que perpetúan la violencia contra el pueblo negro


It is not enough for me to tell you that I see and honor your full humanity 

and that I can not imagine the anger and pain you feel right now

It is not enough for you to know that I will challenge anti-blackness 

in every space and with all people – especially with my own 

To build justice when we meet I will remember In Lak’ech/ Ubuntu are the other me 


No basta que te diga que veo y honro tu humanidad entera

y que yo no puedo imaginar la rabia y el dolor que sientes en este momento

No basta que sepas que yo desafiaré el racismo anti-negro

en cada espacio y con cada pueblo – especialmente con el mío 

Para construir la justicia, al encontrarnos recordaré In Lak’ech/ Ubuntu ..que eres la otra yo


It is not enough for you to know that I will always see, 

listen and believe you, especially in moments when the world scapegoats you

It is not enough to reassure you that your passion in uplifting the injustice on black people, 

does not make my people’s struggle invisible

To build justice, I commit to fight for your children as fiercely as I fight for my own, 

because indeed our children’s innocence is worth fighting for


No basta que sepas que siempre voy a verte,

oírte y creerte, especialmente cuando el mundo te culpa

No basta alentarte al decir que tu pasión en resaltar la injusticia en contra del pueblo negro,

no hace invisible la lucha de mi propia gente

Para construir la justicia, mi compromiso es luchar ferozmente por tus hijas e hijos como haría por los míos

porque de hecho la inocencia de nuestra niñez es una lucha que vale la pena


It is not enough for me to lift up and make visible the African legacy present in Latin America 

and push for black Latinx folks to be lifted up and celebrated 

It is not enough for you to know that as I fight for rematriation of indigenous communities everywhere, 

I will also fight for reparations for all the descendants of formerly enslaved Africans

To build justice, I will stand and walk with you through the fire 

holding in my heart the wisdom of our ancient cultures 


No basta que yo levante y haga visible el legado africano presente en América Latina

y presionar para levantemos y celebremos la gente latinx negra 

No basta que sepas que mientras que luchó por la restauración íntegra de las comunidades indígenas en todos los territorios,

también mi lucha es por el resarcimiento para las y los descendientes de los africanos esclavizados

Para construir la justicia, me levanto y camino contigo y atravieso el fuego

llevando la sabiduría de nuestras culturas antiguas que mi corazón 


It has been 500 years since turtle island, my land began to be colonized 

and 400 years since the first Africans was brought to this land enslaved

And this country is an infant at 240 years old, 

when we hold thousands and thousands of years of our people’s collective knowledge 


Han pasado 500 años desde que la Isla Tortuga, mi tierra, sufre la colonización

y 400 años desde que los primeros africanos fueron llevados para ser esclavizados

Y este país es apenas un infante de 240 años,

En contrastante con los miles y miles de años de conocimiento colectivo de nuestro pueblo


We have enough time to turn this around but only if we pivot from the US to a We

Estamos a tiempo de darle un cambio a todo pero solo si giramos de nuestro pueblo a nuestros pueblos


It is not enough for me to speak of black liberation 

It is not enough for me support your struggle by the sidelines

To build justice, I must step into the storm and take BOLD risks to demand justice for black people

To build justice, I need to understand the particularity of your struggle

To build justice, I will share the songs of my people and learn the songs of your people 

To build justice, I must pray for you as much as I pray for myself

To build justice, 

we must find our collective rhythm and at the same time rejoice in our different voices

To build justice, 

we must conjure the place where our ancestors gathered 

and bring forward loving memories to weave together the future they dreamt for us


No basta que hable de la liberación negra

No basta que apoye tus luchas desde lejos

Para construir la justicia, debo de pararme en medio de  la tormenta y ser AUDAZ en exigir la justica para el pueblo negro

Para construir la justicia, necesito entender la particularidad de tu lucha

Para construir la justicia, te comparto las canciones de mi pueblo y aprenderé las canciones de tu pueblo

Para construir la justicia, me toca rezar por ti igual que rezo por mí

Para construir la justicia,

debemos descubrir nuestro ritmo colectivo y a la vez regocijarnos de nuestras voces distintas

Para construir la justicia,

debemos conjurar el sitio donde nuestros antepasados se juntaron

y levantar los recuerdos cariñosos para tejer conjuntamente el futuro que soñaron para nosotras


por Ana C Perez @2020 ^ Arte por Faith Ringgold de quien tuve el honor de aprender en la universidad