LA TrainingOn March 23, 2017 the Latino Equity Project was in Los Angeles holding a one-day training. This training was geared towards Latino Leaders who work in government agencies or related work. 25+ professionals gathered representing the following focuses: criminal justice, children, youth and family services, women advocacy, public service/government, education, immigration, public health.

This was a inspirational gathering of people working with our community sharing, exploring and reflecting on issues or LatinX equity and our own biases. For some this was a refresher of these topics and a reminder to keep these concepts present in our everyday work within and around the institutions that challenge our communities.

For others it was an opportunity to reflect on their own biases for the first time and have dialogue and reflection about these concepts. The mix of experiences and levels of consciousness allowed for rich dialogue and sharing. LEP was honored and humbled to be able to share in space and facilitate this shared learning in community with the participants of Los Angeles.