Saludos Latino Equity Community,

Spring is in the air. Spring is an opportunity to uncover with light what has been hidden by the darkness of winter. In that process the possibility of movement can emerge that is rooted in racial equity, and in a growing consciousness towards collective change for our communities.

Change and movement can be seen in the fierceness of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—her ability to go toe-to-toe with critics regarding her Green New Deal has been especially refreshing. We’re also inspired by new perspectives on injustice. As dramatic as it was seeing Notre Dame in flames last week, this article gives us a reminder of how power and wealth could impact equitable change for poverty around the world and not just for rebuilding cathedrals. And the Washington Post explores what causes us to react in shock over one culture’s destruction and not others.

Compassion. Compassion is what can motivate change and compel movement for all in an equitable and decolonized way, not only when it impacts those who look like you. Many white people weren’t moved to believe in the danger of the growing Neo-Nazi movement until a white woman was killed in Charlottesville, and justice was served quickly for her family. For many people of color, this type of justice never comes. Here is to more April showers that can bring May flowers for justice and healing for everyone, and remembering to always stay connected in our leadership from el Corazon.

Upcoming Training:

Follow-up Training for Decolonize Our Future Alumni
Monday June 24th, 2019 | Los Angeles, CA

All past participants are invited to a 1-day gathering where we will:

  • Support you in connecting what you’ve learned back to your workplace
  • Connect with, learn and share with co-participants
  • Re-fresh on the tools learned in our initial training
  • Strategize on how to sustain momentum as a growing LEP community

Details will be emailed in the next few weeks. We have funds to support travel costs to attend. Please email us with any questions here.

Collaborating to Decolonize Masculinity

In these times it’s almost impossible to do Racial Equity work and not connect it to the #metoo movement and unhealthy masculinity in the Latinx Community. LEP is happy to share that we are collaborating with groups who have extensive experience holding space for men’s healing circles, to organize the first training for Latinx men on Healthy Masculinity. This will be held September 2019 in Los Angeles. More details to come as this get organized. Watch this video to hear what one person’s transition journey from man to woman taught them about sexism:

Decolonizing Hispaniola Event

In our last Newsletter we shared this article about the Haitian-Dominican gatherings for healing in NYC. We were informed that the non-profit organizing these meetings is crowd-fundraising to continue this important work. Please consider supporting them by making a donation!

(photo: Kim Toledo, courtesy of France François)

Final Note: Please remember to stay connected with us via Facebook and our website. For any questions or more information about our work please email us here.