LEP Webinar Challenging Anti-Blackness

Challenging Anti-Blackness: workshops for non-Black Latinx Folks

Thursday July 9th (English) and July 16th (Spanish), each 1-3pm ONLINE

Our purpose is to increase the capacity of Latinx leaders to lead from a racial equity framework. In this workshop for non-Black Latinx folks we will focus on understanding current and historic manifestations of anti-Blackness within and outside of our communities.

LEP Webinar Black Brilliance

LEP presents the Black Brilliance Series: Webinar 1: Racial Representations in the Media and Film Screening of Bakosó: AfroBeats of Cuba

Friday July 10th and Friday July 17th

The purpose of this webinar is to call out the ways in which the media is a tool that perpetuates racial oppression by using a white lens with which to view and analyze everything, which villainizes us (Black people) and belittles our worth, contributions, and validity. Thus furthering attempts to divide Black people and our oppression with other oppressed people. We will analyze myths, triggers, and responses specifically related to recent events (Ahmad Arbury, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, the Amy Cooper situation, Covid-19 deaths, policing during Covid, New York lower east side vs. Brownsville, etc.) and identify the specific ways we want/need for the larger LEP and latinx people world wide to show up.

LEP Screening Bakoso Afrobeats

FREE SCREENING: Bakosó: AfroBeats of Cuba

Friday July 10th and Friday July 17th, 7pm ONLINE

Bakosó reveals the influence of contemporary African music in Cuba as not just a thing of the past, but a phenomenon happening now! This documentary produced and directed by Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi, explores the technology, culture and landscape that forms the AfroBeats / Cuban fusion genre “bakosó”.