April 18, 2023

Healing Generations is a podcast that addresses the question of how we transform and heal generations of trauma and inequity in our society today. As part of a larger effort of the Healing Generations Institute, co-created by the National Compadres Network and The Brotherhood of Elders, we will invite the insights of cultural wisdom keepers, healers, social advocates and visionaries as they offer the medicine that can guide us on our journey towards justice and interconnected sacredness for all.

In this latest episode, Ámate Cecilia Pérez (she, we), LREP’s Founder and Content & Emergent Strategy Director, joins Indigenous elders Debra Camarillo and Susanna Armijo to discuss decolonization, learning from the rootedness of trees, and elderhood being more than just an age.

I feel like my ancestors live in the trees. And in many ways I feel like I’m a tree and I have many tree ancestors behind me, And that our ancestors are part of those roots and they dig deep, so that you could see like one little tree, but underneath that tree are many floors of very deep roots that I sometimes feel like are part of the center of the earth. And so when I’m having to speak in places where my my words are not well received in that moment, and where there’s a lot of pushback, I just take a deep breath and I connect to those roots.


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