Alysia Mann Carey (they/she) was birthed from the sweet and saltwater crossings of Harbour Island, Bahamas and Madison, WI. Born and raised with her 4 younger siblings and many cousins in Madison, Alysia played many afternoons with the Gingko tree her grandfather planted and nurtured back to health in the 1940s, planting many seeds of healing they are still uncovering each moment of everyday. Alysia is a godmother, mama-auntie, auntie, sister-sibling, queer beloved soul that seeks to offer and embrace healing magic with Mother Earth.  As a multiple language learner, translator and interpreter, they connect Black diasporic communities by bridging languages and co-creating spaces and experiences where Black folx can re-encounter, thereby transforming language barriers into expressions that explore the different meanings of the world that we carry within ourselves. Alysia works as a transformative & healing justice facilitator and curriculum developer consultant and offers workshops around embodiment & trauma, intergenerational healing in Spanish and English with the purpose of weaving these knowledges into the creative efforts that continue to work of liberation. Alysia is also finishing up her doctoral studies in political science at the University of Chicago.