Race and ethnicity are not the same, and yet the forthcoming 2030 U.S. Census aims to merge these categories, potentially negatively impact Black Latines.

This decision by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) introduces new standards for gathering census data, aligning race and ethnicity as equal categories. This approach raises concerns as it might lead to further erasure of Afro-Latines and the oversimplification of Latine identity. The conflation of Latine ethnicity with racial categories obscures the diverse racial backgrounds within the Latine community. Research demonstrates the differential treatment experienced by Black Latinos compared to other Latine groups. Hence, separating ethnicity from race is crucial to unveil the nuanced intersectional disparities present within the diverse Latine population. This distinction is vital for highlighting disparities in access to essential public services such as education, employment, housing, and healthcare among Latines.

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